I've always been crazy about dogs! From early childhood into my teens there were always dogs in the house, especially German Shepherd Dogs. My parents weren't breeders and the dogs weren't trained for anything in particular. They were pets and playmates for my sister and myself.

After I had completed my education and had begun to have a family we got our first GSD, a female. While out for a walk one Sunday we saw her at a dog club and I was immediately enthralled. (Warning: never buy a dog this way!) Our children clamoured, "We'll take her for walks, we'll do everything..." etc. etc., and so eight months old "Gina" joined our household. As these things usually go ultimately it was mother who took the dog for her walks. "Gina" immediately became my dog! I decided to take her for training to the club field in our town in order to teach her some manners. We worked diligently together and, a year later, we completed our first trial. In the meantime I had joined the SV. I intensively soaked up everything I learned about training dogs and bought numerous books because I was primarily interested in the "soul" of the dogs, in what makes dogs "tick". Becoming a breeder were not thoughts I entertained in those days even though my husband, who was very supportive, and I visited a number of different breed shows. We met many nice people and made friends who shared our interests and for us a whole new world opened up. Being in a club with like-minded people was really a lot of fun.

As time passed other dogs joined us. There was "Cassius Blue-Iris" with whom I participated in a variety of trophy shows. Because he was an attractive dog I entered him in the SHZS and was happy to place in the best ring. I took "Herby Blue-Iris" and "Kim Blue-Iris" to different breed shows and was very successful there.

But things didn't really get going until 1984 when I got the Uran-daughter "Ussi von der Wienerau" from Mr. W. Martin. I was very fortunate to have her because she developed into a magnificent, healthy bitch with an excellent temperament who performed superbly on the training field. When she then also grew into a stunning beauty we became exhibitors showing her at a number of different breed shows in Germany with great success.

As agreed, I bred her under the "von der Wienerau" name. In her first litter she produced "Vaneska von der Wienerau" who later went VA.

There is no question that each of Ussi's litters had something special. I'm very proud to be able to say that many well known "Wienerau" dogs took their first puppy breath here at my home before some of them went to their new owners.

To list just a few:

"E" litter - Wienerau ( Esko )
"J" litter - Wienerau ( Jambo, Janko, Jello, Joschy )
"M" litter - Wienerau ( Matty )
"N" litter - Wienerau ( Nathalie )
"S" litter - Wienerau ( Sindie, Scotch )
"T" litter - Wienerau ( Tacko, Torro )
"V" litter - Wienerau ( Vanta, Vara, Venja, Vilma, Vimo ) 
"X" litter - Wienerau ( Xandra, Xila, Xeno )

I had my greatest success in 1995 in Hamburg when my "Nathalie" took the VA1 title and was selected Siegerin in the GHKL. I simply could not believe it and even today it all still seems like a wonderful dream!

Despite all temptations to the contrary I kept Nathalie and had the great fortune to get a beautiful bitch from one of Nathalie's breedings under my own kennel name. This is "Jade von Blue-Rose" who twice later went VA. I kept a daughter from her first litter, "Ornella von Bad-Boll" who became Vizesiegerin in the JHKL at this year's SHZS in Karlsruhe.

 I only hope that fortune will continue to smile on me!!!

Elke Lore Staab


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